Relationships and the sex we have in them breathe the most meaning, pleasure, and joy into our lives. In session I work with individuals and couples to explore their relational selves. This includes everything from how we learn to love to how we like to fuck.

We spend more time learning how to do long division than we do learning how to be in a relationship. And sex!? We definitely aren’t encouraged to explore our sexuality. The irony here is, our relationships determine our level of satisfaction and our sexuality allows us to access pleasure and fun in the context of all sorts of relationships. This is much more significant than mathematics.

The people that come into see me usually are experiencing some level of challenge in their relationship(s) or are struggling sexually. This is where I come in. I help you help yourself by stimulating meaningful discussion around your relationships and sexuality. Together we explore the barriers that prevent you from experiencing the pleasure you seek.

As a gay cis-gendered male I strive to provide a safe space in therapy for LGBTQQIA folks. There is an entire spectrum of different genders and expressions of sexuality and I welcome all from a place of understanding and non-judgment. I am a ‘Kink Aware’ therapist and happy to work with clients who either live a kink lifestyle or engage in bdsm/kink practices.

Reconnecting you to your humanity.

Today, diagnoses and definitions of what it is to be 'normal' shape the meaning of mental health and therefore one's understanding of their daily experience, relationships, and embodied self.   Human experiences have been filtered through a binary of normal and abnormal and recategorized as wrong at best and a medical illness at worst.

By contrast, I believe that emotional pain is one of the most powerful human experiences and can be used to help us understand the world and create profound meaning in our lives. I also believe that the context we live informs the way we understand ourselves and the world around us. Therefore, I encourage people to abandon all the rules they ever learned about relationships, love, and sex. Instead I work towards empowering individuals to utilize the entire spectrum of emotional experience as a tool for self-awareness, growth, and change. In doing so, I aim to help people create their own set of values that are affirming and mindful.


I grew up in Newton, Massachusetts and have since lived in New York City and South Florida.  I received a Bachelors in Cultural Psychology from New York University and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from University of Miami.  I have worked in community mental health centers, inpatient psychiatric facilities,  and nonprofit organizations.  I have conducted leadership and executive training programs, led seminars on alternative methods of treatment, community organizing, and peer support.